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A select group of properties in the Sea Of Vapors are now available for only $18.95/acre
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Sea Of Cold
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Bay Of Rainbows
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It's not just a piece of paper. It's a ticket to the future. Through our alliance with the Lunar Republic Society and the Kennedy II Project, we are on a fast track to return to the Moon by the end of this decade. You can participate in this landmark program through your purchase of a Lunar Land Claim from The Lunar Registry.

Searching for the perfect unique gift idea? You won't find anything on Earth more exciting than an acre of premium property on the Moon! Today, you can select and buy your own acre of moon property, complete with personalized parchment deed certificate, a satellite photograph of the property, geographic information to help locate the property (whether you're viewing it through a telescope or visiting in person) and much more! All documents are professionally designed, elegantly printed and make a great conversation piece when framed in your office or home.

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Your personalized documents package includes an engraved parchment deed, satellite photograph of your lunar property, an information sheet detailing the unique geographic features in the region, and much more!
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Buy An Acre On The Moon!

As seen on the ellen show with Ellen Degeneres

As seen on The Ellen Show!

More than 850,000 customers from around the world have purchased real estate on the Moon from The Lunar Registry either as a gift or for themselves. Much more meaningful than naming a non-descript star millions of light years away, land on the Moon is a unique gift you can view almost every night. It's perfectly legal and perfectly fun!

Your property ownership is permanently registered by the International Lunar Lands Registry in its annual publication, which is copyrighted and deposited in the United States Library of Congress and with international patent and trademark offices, including the United Kingdom (UK Patent Office), Japan (Japan Copyright Office), Russia (Rospatent) and with the United Nations (UN Depository Library), in compliance with the Berne Convention.

How Does This Work?

In much the same way that major corporations — such as IBM or General Electric — offer shares of stock to raise capital, we are offering a limited number of "shares" in lunar property in order to fund privatized exploration, settlement and development of the Moon. The value of the shares is directly related to their location on the Moon, and the growth of their value is directly dependent upon successfully achieving our goal of permanently inhabiting the Moon by 2015.

Officially authorized by the Lunar Republic Society, the leading advocacy group for private ownership of the Moon, and in accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative, your land claim purchase benefits the Kennedy 2 Lunar Exploration Project, a public-private program to return humans to the Moon.

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